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Book Rob Hagey

 From inspiration to fulfillment our team can implement, produce, book and strategies a home run for a successful event.

 Over 30 years of experience and booking notable artists, Rob Hagey, is a leader in festival, concert and event planning. An array of detail to produce any events, at the scale of Street Scene, takes great diverse skills and organizational abilities.  Rob is a dynamic visionary and problem solver, from delegating over 100 people to speaking with neighborhood  groups and finding solutions to political and municipal situations in a public street setting.  A true designer of creative environments, he has fashioned unique experiences in urban settings.  Utilizing special lighting effects, large projections onto building, street processions, art installations all melting into a memorable experience.

 Whether it is booking talent, city revitalization/urban renewal, consulting, creating events or management of an artist Rob Hagey and On the Other Side Productions, LLC  is available to facilitate your production or management. Large scale events, meet and greets or intimate venues, we have the resources to create a wonderful experience.  We can customize your event for your needs.

Glimpse of possibilities when hiring Rob Hagey and On the Other Side Productions:

Full Production of Large, Small, Community & Special events

  • Organize Private parties
  • Street events
  • Charity Events
  • Community and Cultural Events and Concerts
  • Event  Consulting services
  • Sponsorship Consulting Services
  • Providing the best opportunity in presenting creative music
  • Using music events and festivals to rebuild and revitalize urban areas