Street Scene


From the first year’s slogan, “Five Bands-Five Hours-Five Bucks” to “Three Days-Twelve Stages-100 Bands-20 Blocks,” Street Scene became San Diego’s premiere music festival. Originating from San Diego native Rob Hagey, who turned his passion for music and the arts into an eclectic festival. Over the past 25 years, Street Scene has significantly influenced the shaping of the Gaslamp Quarter in downtown San Diego.  Rob began with a blank slate, creating an amazing and complete legendary venue out of nothing, all from his own persistence, aspirations and visions.  Street Scene represents a groundbreaking urban renewal in San Diego by promoting tourism through the culture of music and art. The results are unquestionable, creating vibrant urban areas in East Village and Gaslamp Quarter from a rough, unwelcoming urban environment.  Among many awards and achievements, Rob has been granted the Landmark Pioneer Award by the Gaslamp Quarter Historical Foundation in recognition of his significant contribution and revitalization to the city.

Street Scene outgrew the streets of the Gaslamp Quarter and eventually moved to Qualcomm Stadium. This allowed festival goers the convenience of a trolley stop at the front entrance and the ability to easily navigate between stages.  The new larger venue was over three times the size of previous years and allowed for headliners Kayne West and Tool. In 2008 Street Scene moved back to it’s roots of the urban environment in the East Village of San Diego.

Over the years, Street Scene had a unique way of incorporating it’s sponsors by creating Festivals within the Festival of Street Scene.  Sponsor’s gained creative marketing through Street Scene;  Ford’s Main Stage, Jose Cuervo’s World Party, Southwest Airlines’s Taste of San Diego, and the Heineken Lounge, to name a few, were a destination within the Street Scene festival.

High Points include:

  • Attendance records:  High 105, 000 over two days
  • 3.5 million hits a day on the website
  • Urban Revitalization
  • Over 1 million donated to local non-profits
  • Lighting building-changing image of an area
  • Art Installations
  • Over 15 million in in cash/trade in sponsorship